Wild Foods Of Australia: An Useful Guide


Australian bush foods are the native bush foods that are found in Australia. They have health and holistic remedial value that the indigenous people have used for a very long time. Nowadays, these foods are popular in the culinary world due to their amazing taste and benefits. As a result, governments and business people are thinking about promoting these foods, and scientists are thinking about including them as a means of sustainable development in the agricultural sector.

However, these foods can also be treasures that the adventurers can find up in the hills, deep in the water or woods, or while taking a trip to the natural world. People who love adventures can quickly go to the desert or woody areas of Australia and find some food beauties to carry home. It is time to have proper guidance regarding these native bush foods.

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Types Of Australian Bush Foods:

There is no need to get a headache in knowing the list of all the species of these native bush foods. To understand them a bit better, approximately 50 species of bush foods are used in the food industry for other commercial use. But, if combined based on ingredients and spices, then the number could be more than one thousand. Wattle seed, kangaroo mango, and lemon myrtle are some of the commonly used bush foods, but there are also some rare bush foods, quandong, pigface, naipan, etc. They have been used by the indigenous people for years but do not have that many suppliers comparatively. However, many small spice businesses have started stocking and selling these rare foods.

Little History Of Bush Foods:

Originally these foods were just wild herbs that were harvested during times of ceremonies, rituals, or for curing the sick. In the past, the diet of the indigenous people included small bush berries, fruits, and little wild animals. They somehow respected or were gentle towards the bush foods because they used to migrate in a systematic pattern and when there were a lot of bush foods in that specific area because they did not want to damage or destroy the plants. The bush foods were poisonous for sure, but the local tribe could also detect that. They also used to perform barter exchanges with the coastal people in return for some fish and meat.

Bush Foods In Terms Of Areas:

Bush foods can be found everywhere in Australia, but certain bush foods grow in specific seasons in specific parts of Australia. For example, desert raising and bush tomatoes grow only in the Central Part of Australia. Most of the bush foods grow in the drier part of Australia, like New South Wales but can also be found in the colder regions of Australia, like the Northern part of Tasmania. People sometimes get confused that bush foods cannot be produced or planted in the backyard garden, but they can quickly be grown in the backyard of the park.


In modern times, bush foods are commercially used and will soon make a name in the food industry. It is not hard to recognize, so it can be soothing in the eyes of adventurers who wish to go on a herbal trip.

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