How to Build a Custom Home for a Travel Enthusiast: 8 Strategies

Are you planning to build a custom home for someone who loves to travel? Whether they prefer long-distance trips or short weekend getaways, designing and constructing a custom home tailored to their needs can make the whole experience more enjoyable. Here are eight strategies to help create the perfect space for your globetrotting loved one. From incorporating a home office to adding features that make the home easier to maintain while away, use these strategies to suit any wanderlust-filled lifestyle. Let’s get started!

Incorporate a Home Office

Having a space dedicated to their job is essential for remote travelers. When designing the perfect home office, consider providing a comfortable and ergonomic chair, plenty of natural light or task lighting, and storage for documents and equipment. A comfort home remodeling design will bring significant benefits.

Consider Smart Home Features

Innovative home features are great for travelers because they can make it easier to maintain their homes while away. Technologies such as Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and lights, automatic window treatments, and motion-activated door locks can make remote home management simpler.

comfort home remodeling design

Include Plenty of Storage

Travelers who often switch between suitcases and backpacks need plenty of storage. Look for ways to incorporate organizational solutions like built-in cabinets and shelves and hanging racks for coats and bags.

Design for Multi-Purpose Use

When designing a space for a traveler, look for ways to make it multi-purposeful so that it can be used in multiple ways when they are home. For example, an area of the living room could double as an office when needed, or a guest bedroom could be used for storage.

Incorporate Outdoor Space

Creating an outdoor living space is excellent for travelers who want to take advantage of their surroundings and relax outside on their return from long trips. Design features such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and landscaping can add practicality and beauty to the home.

Create Open Spaces

Open floor plans and large windows provide travelers with a more spacious, airy feel and help make their home feel more significant than it is. If you’re able, incorporate vaulted ceilings or skylights to let in even more natural light.

Include a Library

A dedicated library or reading nook is essential for the book-loving traveler. Look for ways to incorporate bookshelves and comfortable seating so travelers can relax after long trips with their favorite reads.

Add Wall Art

Travelers often bring home souvenirs from their travels, and wall art can be a great way to display them. Look for ways to incorporate shelving or add hooks on the walls so travelers can proudly show off their memories from their travels.


Building a custom home for someone who loves to travel can be an exciting process. From incorporating smart home features and storage solutions to creating multi-purpose spaces and adding wall art, there are plenty of ways to design a space that will suit their globetrotting lifestyle. With these eight strategies, you’ll be able to create the perfect home for any wanderlust-filled traveler.

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